Friday, October 28, 2005

Blanqui Redecorates. Or: How To Make Good Use of an Expensive Digital Camera. Words and Pictures by Amelie. Starring Blanqui

Blanqui suffers from ennui. What should he do? He will google his favorite tweenage not-gay Southern pop singer!

See Blanqui google.

See Blanqui google Clay.

I hate dial-up!

How about this wall?

This wall will do. Now I can enjoy my dinner.

Life is good.


gracks said...

Dans la premiere photo il a l'air d'un undead humanslayering badass. Tu devrais en poster plus.

baj said...

you are so dead.

hi, blanqui! please be sure to put a spoiler alert before posting any pix of hairballs, vomitballs, or another other type of balls.