Friday, July 28, 2006

What Up, B?

(In case you're wondering, the mysterious pile on the right consists of excised dreadlocks.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blanqui: the Musical

Don't wait! Order tickets now to Broadway's newest smash, featuring such soon-to-never-be-classics as "You Won't Eat This":

You won't eat this, you won't eat that
Chicken or fish, won't make you fat

You're skeletal! (He's skeletal!)
So skeletal! (Regrettable!)

You won't eat this, you won't eat that
You annoying diva cat

You're a brat! (He's a cat!)
You're a cat! (He's a brat!)

And the bittersweet "Poop":

Poop! Ain't nothin' like

On a mat, in a tub, in the hall, on the rug!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it's poop!

Poop! You seen it, you know it's

Under there, over here, next to that, still on the cat!
Ohhhhhhhhhhh it's poop!

Starring the dazzling Blanquinou, known to half-dozens from his many appearances on Blanqui's Blog. Blanquinou will also be seen in the made-for-television movie Paris & Nicole: BFF? in the role of Nicole Richie. Additionally, he will understudy the role of Peter Pan in the upcoming Broadway musical featuring Clay Aiken. "Dreams really do come true," says Blanquinou, "even for a skinny beige cat from Jersey."

Thursday, July 13, 2006

His Royal Bunniness Blanqui Presents: Baconfest 2006!

Bacon? For me? What have I done to deserve the miracle that is bacon? (Answer: really and truly nothing.)

Bacon-laced quiche. Even more undeserved than the bacon.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blanqui Draws a Conclusion

It's hot.

There's A/C in the bedroom.

----> Fuck the couch.

(Please excuse Blanqui's language. He is French.)