Sunday, February 05, 2006

Meme: Tagged by the Baj

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life

1) Undersecretary of State for Looking Gorgeous
2) Second Soprano, Manhattan Gay Men's Chorus
3) Webmaster,
4) Spiritual Leader, Clay Aiken Fan Club

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

1) Remake of West Side Story, starring Clay Aiken as Anita
2) Remake of The Wizard of Oz, starring Clay Aiken in dual roles as Dorothy and Friend of Dorothy
3) Remake of The Godfather, starring Clay Aiken as Sonny (for which he will win the Oscar for convincingly playing against type)
4) Remake of Gremlins, starring Clay Aiken as the mogwai before they're fed after midnight

Four Places I Have Lived

1) Princeton, NJ
2) Jerusalem, Israel
3) Berkeley, CA
4) New York, NY

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation

My whole life is a vacation, thank you very much.

Four Favorite Foods

1) Meow Mix Upstream Dream with salmon and crab in sauce
2) Fancy Feast Ocean Whitefish Feast in aspic
3) Ice cream and all other dairy products
4) Whiskas Savory Pate with chicken and tuna

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

1) On my couch. Where is it?
2) On Clay Aiken's lap.
3) In a glass (but just up to my neck).
4) In a tub of ice cream (again, up to my neck).

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baj said...

"Undersecretary of State for Looking Gorgeous" - damnation, why didn't i think of that?