Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cruisin' Down Truckers Boulevard in Ken-tuck-ay

Lil Baji's wedding was this weekend. It's really easy to get to her parents' house. Just take Truckers Blvd straight from Kentucky into Indiana and make a right at the golf course.

Both LB and the big B herself looked gorgeous, but I cannot post their pictures here because, although the photos have been leaked by the president's staff, the president has not yet declassified them.

Instead I present to you the next best thing:

Onion rings!


Tomorrow's Styles Today!

These are the styles! You can have them today! (You could also have them in the '80s, but shhh...)

I can think of another place for those quotation marks. Also, an undiscovered aspect of the Alberto Gonzales vs. a baked potato qualification contest: Gonzales does the day shift, while the baked potato handles the night shift.

I want to get a bunch of these and start an all-girl group/gang. During the day we'll sing inspirational hymns at retirement homes and in the evenings we'll wait outside diners when the old people go for their 5pm baked potato and rob them blind.


baj said...

truckers blvd RULES! it was so fantastic to see you at the wedding and i wish we could have spent more time together. bah! i forgot to give you (a) the book we discussed, (b) an article about demetri martin, and (c) a big smooch before you left.

ps - can i be a memeber of your kitty cat gang?

Blanqui said...

Of course you can be a member. I can't think of anyone better at beating up the elderly than you.