Friday, December 12, 2008

Reasons for Baji to Move to New York

First, to recap, this is Clo, distinctly not-dead (and not undead) successor to Blanquinou. Dr. Clo is a cognitive behavioral therapist and avid snacker practicing in the lower (but not too low) regions of Manhattan. She is 70 percent reconstituted puppy parts, 20 percent lard, and 10 percent Yellow Number 5.

This is Moosebeck:

(Photo from

This is Rufus:

(Photo from

There, now we're all caught up. Moving right along.

-Quick poll: Did you perchance see Prince perform from 1am to 4am on the roof of the Hotel Gansevoort with just 200 people in attendance? No? Really? (H, J, Dave Chappelle, and Anderson Cooper, please do not answer this question. You will skew the results.)

-What you call Monday, I call the day I go see Amy Poehler and Jason Sudeikis kickin' it over at the UCB.

-What you call Tuesday, I call the day I go see Mike Birbiglia, Aziz Ansari, John Oliver, and Laura Krafft kickin' it down the street.

-What you call seeing Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I call seeing someone go to the trouble to professionally film a walking tour of my Sunday jaunts. (I also call it seeing a movie made for people half my age. Oops.)

-Also, what you call living in a house with rooms, I call living in a hovel with a room that barely fits a too-large cat and the occasional bedbug for the bargain price of eleventy million dollars a month.

So, Baji, what do you say? Time to move? All you've got is pandas, Obama, and a picture of Stephen Colbert. And yes, I know it's a scientific fact that a picture of Stephen Colbert is worth 1500 words, but come on.


baj said...

first, i loved the millisecond footage of dr. clo during a therapy session.

second, GAH! i mean, GAH!!!! the number one reason i'd move to NY would be to be close to you. the number two reason would be to be close to Ess-a-Bagel. the number three would be to accompany you to all of these events, to have close access to the cheaper departure location of JFK/LGA, and to eat sushi.

that said, how can you put a price on:

-- seeing the aftermath of a double shooting (resulting in one death) from the comfort of your own home at 8pm on a weeknight?

-- preparing for the throng of tourists and lookeeloos throughout the year but especially for the inauguration?

-- enjoying the unique position of having taxation without representation?

but if we left, i'd be leaving LB behind, i'd be leaving my job (work at home, in pjs, for a few hours a day) behind, and i'd be leaving my new but already busticated station wagon behind. you move here!

baj said...

ooh! also, my neighborhood is film-worthy as well!

Blanqui said...

Well, obviously you'd bring LB along. And you can do your work-at-home job from here. And TP can get a job here. (Oh, wait, would you both have to take the NY bar?) And you wouldn't need your busticated station wagon. So there, it's all set. I'll pick you up at Penn Station.

baj said...

y'all got any immigrants over there?

Blanqui said...

Lots. TP can take his pick.