Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time Warp

Close your eyes. You are in another place. The sun is shining. There is a faint smell of prosciutto in the air. You are on vacation. You are me. You are me and my parents.

Now go away, this isn't intended for you.

Italie mai 2005

On attend le train. On est en Suisse? Ou peut-etre en France? En Italie?

On est dans le train. La, on doit etre en Italie quand-meme.

This was the gelato equivalent of the Creative Zen Micro: all form and no function. The Zen Micro doesn't drip all over my fingers though. Then again, the gelato didn't have a firmware problem and freeze for six months (it stayed frozen about 30 seconds). Also it cost approximately 1/100th of the Micro's price.

If a and b, then c: If you're in the market for an mp3 player, you'd be better off with this gelato. But bring napkins.

Quick! Who is who? (Hint: The one on the right purchased multiple chess sets.)
Those shoes didn't make it back. Fortunately, fully cognizant of my destructive abilities (which are generally directed at shoes and electronics, see above), before leaving I had purchased another pair, so in a sense they never left.

Italy has flowers. It also has pigeons (not shown).
There is no water in its rivers.
Other things to know about Italy, courtesy of B. I. Topaz, first runner-up at the 1998 US N-Tournament: "Italy is closed on Sunday and Monday. The summer operatic schedule is quite simple: Operas are held the day before your arrival and the day following your departure; plan accordingly."

This was a more successful gelato experience. Following Baji's gelato grading system, I'd give it an A-. NB: When you order watermelon ice cream in Italy, they will bring you coconut ice cream, which is what you really wanted anyway.

Prosciutto and friends.
This might be Parma. I say "might" because it's actually Bologna.

Still life with jambons. (This was actually a different day--look at my shirt. Actually, that probably means it was a different week. Heh.)

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


baj said...

yay! i love travel pix, even if i am not featured in them. that was one fancy gelato you had there. i like your descrip of how the italians will agree to your order but read your mind and really just give you what they think you want. nice. where are the pix from amalfi?

baj said...

also, i am quite pleased that you left behind a pair of shoes. i'm glad you are keeping up the tradition.

Blanqui said...

Amalfi was 2002 and those pix are not digitalizified. I am also leaving socks behind, youll be glad to know. Wheres the dang apostrophe on this keyboard?