Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wow Crazy Chicken

Day 1: Sunday morning I tried to find D's apartment on a map, but was unsuccessful. I left the apartment not knowing whether I would ever be able to find it again.

I walked north to the Imperial Palace Park:

There was nothing there.

Then I walked south to see if I could find D's apartment. To my amazement, it was where I had left it. I walked south some more to the train station, where I had conveyor belt sushi. Then I walked north again. Later that week I would walk east. I never walked west.

Unfortunately you need a membership to go for it.

Kyoto has homeless people, who live under the bridges but nonetheless maintain a complex organizational system for their umbrellas (not shown). There is some water in its rivers.

I'm not sure what this sign means, but I'm pretty sure I was in compliance.

D's friend called me on D's cell phone (I felt very fancy receiving calls whilst in Japan) and we met up for dinner (okonomiyaki, a kind of noodle pancake) and geisha spotting.

I think this is Gion, the geisha district. And that there is a shrine, although which one is anyone's guess. Let' s say it's Yasaka.

A very artfully framed photo. Truth be told, the geishas were creepy. And their singing was a little like Middle Eastern music sung on helium. By cats in heat.

Still to come: monkeys, monkeys, monkeys--and fish.


baj said...

"I never walked west." are you sure about that? cuz i know you and i know your sense of direction and your proclivity for walking around in circles (*raises hand, guilty as well*) and i find it highly suspect that you never walked west.

i miss conveyor belt sushi.

i was looking at the pix of the river, thinking, "why does that look familiar? i've never been to japan." and then i remembered that a friend of yours wrote up a travelogue about japan and included pix - was that friend "D"?

that kitty cat hazard warning sticker RULES!

Blanqui said...

Yeah, that was D. The pictures are all gray because it rained the whole day. But since it was Kyoto, it was lovely, clean rain.