Tuesday, December 20, 2005

If You Read Only One Article on Massively-Multiplayer Online Games This Year, Read This One

Inferior solutions to common problems in Virtual Worlds

Disclosure: Blanqui's Blog and the author of the above article share genetic material, as well as certain characteristics, including, but not limited to, misanthropy.

Note 1: Blanqui's Blog does not condone the playing of video games, especially in lieu of a secondary education.
Note 2: Blanqui's Blog does not know what phat lewtz and kewl exp dolers are, so please, folks, no more e-mails and phone calls.


baj said...

i looked for a grax dictionary on amazon.com but to no avail.

BIT said...

Lexicon Graxitatis

baj said...

ahhh, i see! it's like a combo hip-hop pirate slang. avast, homey! i got mad dubloons.

baj said...

update, ye scurvy bastard.


Blanqui said...

Tell it to me phlegm, ye dang pirate incubator. Happy new year to you too.

baj said...

aw, was it all that walking around town due to the transit strike?! those bastages. get well soon!