Monday, December 05, 2005

Key to Past Post Titles

Mo' Better Life Extension: Name of a hair salon in Kyoto providing--what else?--hair extensions.

Wow Crazy Chicken: Emblazoned on a shirt in a mall in Shibuya. I wanted to buy it, but it cost $50. I won't pay more than $30 to look retarded, in case you were wondering.

No! Rip! No! Nude! No! Touch!: Advertisement for a place where they don't do any ripping, nuding, or touching. (I wonder if this is something similar to what happened in Lost in Translation, when the prostitute screamed at Bill Murray, "Rip my stocking!" and then threw herself on the floor yelling "No! No! No!" Maybe she came from 1-900-no-rip-no-nude-no-touch.)

Now It's on the Pinnacle of Evolution
: I'm sorry to say that I don't remember where I saw this.

Hand Shake Only: You don't want to know, trust me. (Here's a hint: The pictorial for this "massage" parlor's ad was a box of tissues. There was another ad that read "Hand or Foot Shake Only." I told you you didn't want to know.)

Coming up: Nothing. We're done here.


baj said...

"we're done here"

Blanqui said...

There are only so many ways you can dress up a cat, Baj.

But I will strive to come up with some new ones.