Monday, December 19, 2005

Should Antique Pies Retire Gracefully in the Face of New Pie Technology?

I confess I hadn't given the subject any thought until just this moment when B.I. Topaz alerted me to Fafblog!'s latest opinion piece on the matter, an excerpt of which follows:

The nanopies don't just taste better than regular ol pie. They taste more efficient. They are injected by the thousands into your bloodstream where they shoot up into the central nervous system and build microscopic technopie colonies at the base of the corpus delecatessum, the pie center of the brain. There they begin to stimulate the brainal nerves with the direct experience of pie a thousand times faster and more technolicious than old-fashioned hand-operated pie ever could!

And you still got your ol obsolete antique pie with its wind-up phonograph an its 32k of pie ram. That's just sad.


Source: Fafblog!

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baj said...

i'll forward this article to tp. his adoration for pie rivals his affection for me.